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Community Outreach Community Outreach

One of our missions is to inform civilian and government language students and teachers about current foreign language methods of instruction through interactive, communicative and inventive presentations and displays at community venues: Back to school fairs Chamber of Commerce small business displays  Promote business success with ICI language and culture workshops Contacting government, public and […]

Translator and Interpreter Training Translator and Interpreter Training

  Translation and interpretation has been defined as cross-cultural communication especially as these skills are employed within the military or civilian context. More specifically, translation deals with the transference of meaning between two languages in the written word whereas interpretation deals with the oral. The goal of every translator/interpreter is the accurate and efficient transfer […]

African Language Trainer (ALT) African Language Trainer (ALT)

Language Identification Training (LIT) is based on a novel concept of language identification including the data obtained on acquisition of language identification features by multilingual subjects.  The project has been significantly enriched by the incorporation of concepts from linguistic pragmatics and discourse analysis.  Importantly, the application will enable the users to incorporate their individual backgrounds […]

Carmichael School Spanish Club Carmichael School Spanish Club

Final Report for Carmichael Spanish Class Support documents for Carmichael School final report   ICI LangPro collaborated with Carmichael Elementary to provide familiarization Spanish language training to third and fourth grade students conducted as an after-school activity. The training has 21 units that are designed to be taught in 1 hour segments. Reinforcement at home […]

Language Instructor Workshop Language Instructor Workshop

This innovative worksop will furnish basic instruction to potential foreign language instructors who will  teach their students to communicate with target language speakers at the level of basic greetings, information about family, asking directions and reading street signs. It will be effectively accomplished  in a communicative and interactive target language presentation. Prerequisites:  Intermediate to advanced […]

Classroom Observation Classroom Observation

      ICI LangPro, LLC will observe foreign language classroom instruction to ensure interactive, communicative and inventive teaching is taking place. I will evaluate learning objectives, the learning environment, appropriate classroom realia and pictures, seating, instructor/student interchange and use of the target language. The evaluation with comments for change or improvement will be available […]

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300th MI Brigade (L) Language Conference 2016

300th MI Brigade (L) Language Conference 2016

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On 5-6 March, 2016, the 300th Military Intelligence Brigade (Linguist) hosted its 27th Annual Language Conference at the Brigade’s complex and conference center in Draper, UT.  The theme “Speak the Culture” had presentations and workshops by professional language and culture educators and subject matter experts.  Some of the topics included: “The Theatre Intelligence Brigades as the […]

SCOLA Users Meeting

SCOLA Users Meeting

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    The SCOLA Users Meeting convened May 21, 22, 2015. Click on SCOLA  below to read the Trip Report.  Comments about the report or the meeting are welcome. SCOLA 2015  

Language Tip of the Week

Language Tip of the Week

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How to Talk to Non-Native English Speakers “Hey! How’s it going? What time did you get in last night?” A non-native English speaker wouldn’t understand a word of that previous sentence. One would think the words, generally speaking, are simple, right? However, when put together, these words form complicated, idiomatic expressions that are incomprehensible to […]


What people have said about ICI

“The post-immersion DLPT and OPI’s resulted in a 1/1+ ILR level with one student achieving level 2. The students’ participation in the University of Arizona Language Fair demonstrated their speaking fluency which received a rating of superior from fair judges.”

- 41 wk Arabic pilot isoimmersion AAR, Ft. Huachuca, 2 Feb-18 Nov.2009

“Exceeded most expectations.”

- 5 student comments, Arabic isoimmersion, Ft. Huachuca, 2 Feb-18 Nov. 2009

“A major success of the immersion was the students’ increased confidence in speaking and active listening. Those students who were reluctant to speak in class at Ft. Huachuca often sought opportunities to speak with the local populace.”

- D. Villarreal, DLI, 41 week Arabic course. 2 week Jordan immersion, 14 Jan 2010