Deliver professional solutions for interactive, communicative and inventive language training that enables proficient foreign language instruction and learning.

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I have enjoyed over 35 years years in service to our country, academia and industry by providing in- depth analysis and evaluation of language courses.  You are invited to request my expertise in design, development and implementation of a wide variety of interactive, communicative, and inventive foreign language events that are learner centric and motivational.

The logo “ICI LangPro, LLC, Language Consulting” is centered around the French word ICI (phonetic pronunciation, “eecee“), which translates as “here” in English.  The three letters mean “Interactive,” “Communicative,” and “Inventive.” The expression on the reverse side of the business card “Language Solutions Begin Here,” is a personal invitation for you to take part in these revolutionary concepts in the development and design of your language curriculum. As a language professional, I invite you to allow me the privilege of demonstrating their impact on your language programs.

  • Language Fairs
  • Brown bag language chats
  • Partnering with native speakers
  • Participation in community native festivals
  • Trips to local, meaningful cultural sites and gatherings
  • Participation in language-centered events
    • Poetry
    • Skits
    • Impromptu speaking
    • Making a representative food sample
    • Pinatas, passports, etc.
    • Social media to find native speaking pen pals
    • Act as a translator or interpreter for foreign visitors
    • Join local language clubs and discussion groups