In an effort to reach out to the foreign language teachers and students of Cochise County, Arizona, I, as the director of the Military Intelligence Foreign Language Center (MIFLTC), Fort Huachuca, AZ  collaborated with stakeholders in local government, private and academic institutions. These included Cochise College, University of Arizona Sierra Vista, Buena High School and La Casita Mexican Restaurant. My organization of this joint effort resulted in the design, development, implementation and assessment of a competitive language fair for middle and high school students in the communities of Sierra Vista, Bisbee, Wilcox, Patagonia and Nogales.

Drawing on invaluable previous language fair design experience as a military foreign language director, foreign language department chair and instructor, I designed French and Spanish competitions. These included short skits in language, impromptu speaking, poetry reading, memorized recitations and vocabulary recognition exercises.  During the fair,  La Casita provided pay-as-you-go Mexican food.  The fair ended with an awards ceremony in the Buena High School Fine Arts Auditorium where students, teachers and schools were recognized for their achievement and participation. This innovative endeavor was the first of its kind in Southeast Arizona.

A local unit of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requested a two week survival level Spanish course to familiarize agents with basic vocabulary, terms and expressions used in the apprehension of individuals and groups dealing in drugs and other illegal activities.  As MIFLTC director, I organized the course in collaboration with an experienced, native speaking Spanish instructor from the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center.

In 2014, I presented a one day Arabic transliteration program by HiLite to agents from the Border Patrol, Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), FBI, and Army counterintelligence.  I made the program’s CD available for installation and use on the organizations’ computers and servers.

Additionally in 2014 I and the MIFLTC staff conducted another exciting community outreach with a foreign language career presentation to French, German and Spanish students and instructors of Buena High School (BHS), Sierra Vista, AZ.  I selected officers, non-commissioned officers (NCO) and Soldiers to speak about their language careers in the military.  I also facilitated additional presentations to the BHS JROTC detachment.

I will continue and proliferate these much needed and requested presentations as the founder of ICI LangPro, LLC, with refreshing, new, interactive, communicative and inventive  programs for students, instructors, educational providers, local government agencies and commercial language program companies:

  • Foreign language career paths
  • Effective foreign language instructional techniques
  • Evaluation and assessment of foreign language instructors
  • Language instruction available on the Internet
    • DLI Headstart and GLOSS
    • SCOLA
    • Joint Language Universtiy
    • Duolingo
    • Transparent Language
    • TELLMEMORE from Auralog
  • Language displays and fairs
  • Local native language speakers